DreamWealth is agent-centric; our company operates with the needs of the agent first.  We strive to stand out from our competitors and be more than just a contract.  We offer value added services that earn your business, designed to increase our agent's production and earnings. 

Our Leadership team has over 40 years of combined experience in growing and managing the largest insurance sales forces in the country.  DreamWealth is positioned to be one of the nation's leaders in not only production, but innovation and agent service.  Focused on leveragaing technology, we have taken a company stance to arm our agents with the tools necessary to lead the next generation in insurance sales and marketing.  

Meet Our Valuable Team

Colin G. St. Pierre

Colin has over 15 years experience in the insurance industry with a track record of building and selling profitable companies. He served as President of one of the largest captive insurance agencies in the nation. Colin has extensive knowledge in corporate structuring, budget and financial forecasting.

Steven H. Hall

Steven has over 20 years experience in the insurance industry. He has personally worked as an agent, owned and operated two lead generation companies, served as the Director of Sales Operations for a major healthcare company and successfully built and ran multiple life agencies. Having different insight from each of these past roles gives him a unique skillset and perspective.

Amanda Hall
Office Manager

Amanda has over 8 years experience in the insurance industry. She handles all day-to-day operations in regards to payment services, contracting, carrier resolutions and agency personnel.